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Thanks to the boom of NFT concept, the concept of Gamefi is also gradually accepted by more people. According to DappRadar, as of September 27, 2021, the volume of game users reached 927,000 and the daily trading volume reached $15.62 million.

NFT) is a digital asset using blockchain technology to operate and manage. The advantages of NFT vary as they can be attached to products from all fields (music, tree, art and more) after being digitalized. In recent years, young artists in Vietnam could earn an enormous sum of money thanks to selling their artwork on technology platforms. Typically, in August 2021, the first NFT painting in Vietnam, painted by a 14 — year old boy, was sold successfully at 22.899 USD (about 572 million VND). With the COVID — 19 pandemic bringing changes and obstacles, especially to buying, selling, and exchanging goods, NFT could open a new future.

What opportunities are there for artists on the platform?

Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons has boomed all over technology, gaming and investing forums by being the first NFT game in the world full of Vietnamese art and cultural features. It was invested in and operated by Whydah and Decom Holdings — two leading Blockchain companies in Vietnam.

Mytheria carries lots of drama and continuously motivates players to collect cards and battle using gods from cultures worldwide. The game graphic is highly appraised by users for the excellent sharpness, visuals and aesthetics amongst NFT games in the market.

It is easy to see why since Clash of Pantheons graphics were created by people that worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Its co-founder, artist Le Manh Cuong, worked for years with Dota2 and Marvel; Truong Huyen Duc — the Art Director, worked in movies and games projects such as Star Wars, Riot Games, Blizzard, Mat Biec…, whereas Game Director Ha Duong worked for Arena of Valor and Garena.

Artist Le Manh Cuong spent three years developing and completing the character design after thoroughly researching cultures from where gods like Thor, Odin, Zeus, Sun Wu Kong originated. To represent Vietnamese culture, he picked Saint Giong as the strongest god in the world of Clash of Pantheons.

Le Manh Cuong proudly shared: “Through many years working in this industry, I know the artists’ difficulties very well. However, after gaining access to NFT, I believe it would be a promising path with much potential, which is why in Clash of Pantheons, we launched the GodForge feature, allowing the 2D, 3D and VFX animators to contribute to the game’s development by creating new frames, sounds, and decorations….”

Artists can freely adapt and build entirely new images of gods based on their imagination. When the community well receives their work, they would benefit from trading and auctioning these creations like exclusive collectibles.

The GodForge feature would make Mytheria a healthy, sustainable and innovative environment and an open playground for artists who love creating games worldwide. Furthermore, GodForge will be continuously updated to form a complete creator economy between experienced artists and Mytherians.

Le Manh Cuong also ensured that this feature did not impact the game’s content in any way. In fact, it would help investors and gamers unleash their creativity and choose characters that increase their strength and wealth in the game. The in-game exchange and purchase are safely and transparently controlled thanks to the Blockchain technology that Whydah applied to Mytheria.

About NFT Bazaar:

NFT Bazaar (https://nftbazaar.network) is one of the most-used aggregators that offering up to hyper-efficient NFT markets to benefit not only NFT token holders, but digital artists, musicians, gamers and all kinds of lovers as well, while providing one-stop NFT issuance, bidding and exchange platforms with ease.

NFT issuance and transaction functions have now been officially launched in May 2021, with updated compatibility functions of enabling other major protocols & smart contracts in September. NFT Bazaar has never failed to becoming your handy NFT aggregator as well as exchange platform full of vitality, with full access to the Ethereum ecosystem, and compatible for Polygon Network (Matic Mainnet) and more major projects issued elsewhere available for transactions with multiple major digitalcurrencies, for instance, zUSD, Matic, USDT, etc.

At present, NFT Bazaar has collected 50,000+NFT contracts and 520,000+ on-chain transaction data, covering 9 categories such as art, collections, virtual world, sports, music, and games. The transaction data is updated in real time, which is far ahead of other similar platforms. In terms of transactions, it is estimated that the platform can support 1,000+ TPS and platform GMV will reach 1,000,000 US dollars/month. Although NFT Bazaar was just launched in 2021, it has fully achieved a marvelous average figural record of weekly UV 7,000+ and PV 10,000+, which further expected to reach MAU 50,000+ by the end of 2021 as to rank among the top 15 global NFT platforms.

Specifically for the Project Zero NFT series, NFT Bazaar has got the full support from three industry pioneers, Zerogoki, Duet Protocol and Muse Museum. If you want to know about us and our partnership networks, welcome to join us at:

Website: https://nftbazaar.network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BazaarNft

Telegram: https://t.me/SNwars

Discord: https://discord.gg/Es2CEwJsKF

Medium: https://nftbazaar.medium.com




The brand-new founded aggregator (nftbazaar.network) for all kinds of NFT artists, token holders and lovers, esp. BSC for thorough info search and transactions.

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NFT Bazaar

NFT Bazaar

The brand-new founded aggregator (nftbazaar.network) for all kinds of NFT artists, token holders and lovers, esp. BSC for thorough info search and transactions.

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